12 Tips to Optimize Clickfunnels for Success

Learn the 12 tips you won’t find in a true clickfunnels review now.

Touch up your clickfunnels and optimize for success with these 12 Easy Ways to Optimize your Clickfunnels in 5 Quick Minutes. These 12 easy ways to optimize your clickfunnels is guaranteed to boost your funnel popularity among search engines and traffic sources. Set up your clickfunnels for success. If you are a clickfunnels user, you should be reading this post as it explains the exact method to making the best of your clickfunnels.

The 12 Easy Ways to Optimize your clickfunnels in 5 Quick Minutes

#1 Setup your landing page video to Autoplay.  By doing this you are immediately grabbing the attention of your visitor that automatically starts playing when they land on your page. Use this as an opportunity to optimize clickfunnels for success by making a good call to action video.

#2 Setup a custom domain name for your funnel. This will help to brand your clickfunnels to your business, and mask the clickfunnels.com found in the domain. This is especially important with Facebook Ads. This easy tip is probably holding you back from a flood of traffic to your site. It is much easier and more click appealing to see mysite.com vs. .clickfunnels.com/pages/144102/XXXX/XXXX. Plus, you will be able to remember your domain name when it comes to sharing your clickfunnels on social media. You can read about setting a custom domain up for clickfunnels here.
#3 Name your funnel pages. The page name nitycanvas.com/squeeze-page doesn’t look attractive to buyers. This is a very important optimization tip for conversions. Likewise you should also rename your “sales page” “your upsell page” and your “download page.”#4 Integrate your autoresponder properly. Make sure that you are using the proper list or segment with your autoresponder. This is a good tip to optimizing your clickfunnels for opt ins. Clickfunnels will not process the submit button unless it knows what the next action is. When you have your autoresponder setup incorrectly you are not allowing your users to submit the opt in.#5 Add 3 followup emails to your autoresponder. (On Average there are 7 before a customer buys) but you will probably want to see how the 1st 3 go before adding an entire 7 autoresponder emails right away. Be prepared to nurture your lead. You can read more about lead nurturing in this post.#6 Change your SEO Meta Data in clickfunnels to optimize for search engine optimization. This is important to change the keywords you are using with your clickfunnels as well as adding your meta description. This will help you to be found for your keywords.- Add your Keywords. Click here for a free trial for competitive keyword research. 

– Name your Funnel


#6 Verify your pop up settings. Optimize your clickfunnels for functionality by optimizing your pop up settings. Make sure that the pop up is timed on exit intent or pop up or shut off if not needed.


#7 Perform proper on page SEO to optimize your funnels for search engines and page rank. Be sure to use the following example for Proper Content Structure.

H1 – Heading

H2 – Sub Heading

H4 – Main Point

H6 – Sub Main Point

#8 Optimize your clickfunnels for compliance with Federal guidelines by adding your Terms and Conditions. Insert a hyperlink to your terms and conditions page.


#9 Optimize your clickfunnels for compliance with Federal guidelines by adding your privacy policy. Insert a hyperlink to your terms and conditions page. You can read the federal privacy policy guidelines here.


#10 Optimize your clickfunnels for compliance with Federal guidelines by adding your disclaimer. Insert a hyperlink to your terms and conditions page. You can read the federal privacy disclaimer guidelines here.


#11 Add your site name in the footer. By adding your site name in the footer you are adding a link to your site with your site name. This will help to optimize clickfunnels for search engines as well.


#11 Add Google Analytics. This powerful free tool will help you by tracking your site visitors and conversions. Google analytics will help you adjust your funnel to optimize clickfunnels for conversions based off the plethora of free data it will provide about your website.


#11 Add PayPal redirects back to your funnel for special one time offers and upsells. This will help optimize your clickfunnels for improved revenue stream, and potentially limit the amount of follow up autoresponders you need to send.


#11 Add your Product to clickfunnels for delivery. Make sure that your customer will receive their purchase instantly and you should test to make sure that you are delivering on your promise to deliver the purchase immediately. Believe it or not this important part fails more often than not. I have seen big names like JvZoo and Clickbank fail to offer instant access to the purchase because the funnel was not tested adequately. The last thing you want to do is promise results and not deliver so take some time with this step.

Important Tip: optimize your clickfunnels by testing to verify your customer will receive immediate access to their purchase.

#12 Go To Google Search Console by clicking here and tell Google your site is ready to be crawled. >Dashboard >Crawl >Fetch as Google> >Request Indexing. You should also submit your sitemap at this time. You can do so by getting a free sitemap generated here.


What are the results for following the quick tips?

  1. Sales – Take a look at the photo evidence provided. Implementing these tips for optimizing your clickfunnels will help you produce sales. You will have a page that provides an amazing user experience and is optimized for search engines.]


#2 TrafficAs you can see in the photo. There were 4730 unique visitors and 215 opt ins during that time with sales totaling over $19,000Following these optimization tips will help any clickfunnels user to produce sales, and target traffic to their offer.

Final Notes:

Providing a positive user experience is important to any sites success or failure. Visually appealing sites that offer links to related material often see high click through rates and very low bounce rates. It is always important to optimize your clickfunnels and any site you have otherwise it is just a site and another bill.