Learn How to Grow your Business with this Step by Step Plan.

Every business needs to learn how to grow your business. Every business needs the same things in order to grow. Learn how to grow your business in this post with a step by step action plan at the end detailing how to grow your business.

Follow a plan when deciding how to grow your business.

Every business has a plan. While the plan may not be meticulously laid out all businesses have a plan. Part of that plan is figuring out how to get customers? How to stay in business? Business planning on day to day operations, and how to maintain your customers and gain new customers. Pretty involved huh? Its not that bad when you follow the step by step action plan. It is just making the decision that you want your business to grow, and acting on it.




Following a plan gives a business a place to turn to for answers to their everyday questions in running their business.  As situations come up a business should always be able to consult the plan to make the right move. I always like to think of a plan as a road map. Maps have provided the exact directions to getting you to where you want to be for as long as you and I can remember. So why shouldn’t you choose a road map to grow you business?

Businesses must determine these 3 things in deciding if they want to grow.

#1  Developing a plan  figuring out where you want to be and how to get there. If you do not know how to get there no worries, we will explain in detail how to get there.

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#2 Figure out how you will get customers. Opening a business will not automatically send customers to your doorstep. In fact, many business owners fail to understand figuring out how to get customers is one of the hardest parts of running a business.


#3 Seeking out new business. Even established companies are scouting for new customers everyday. Many business owners know that it is necessary in order to be successful. Some just do not know how to go about putting this need into action. It is understandable. There was not a guide to growing a business that had the exact details to growing until now.


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Most business owners, and blog owners do not know of the necessary tools to grow a business and sustain it. These businesses often struggle to find new customers and figure out the source of traffic for their product or service. This is completely understandable because there is no way for a new business to know how to grow your business without a complete explanation.


In this post you will learn how to grow your business with a proven step by step action plan.You will also learn have a complete explanation of the steps to growing your business.


I have been in online marketing nearly 9 years now. While I spent most of my earlier years  making money online through manual white hat SEO and ranking sites. I knew then that the method to growing a business must follow a plan, and the same is true now. I used this plan, then and I use it now.

What does a plan for growing a business look like?


When it comes to growing your business, you must answer these questions:

What are your goals? Are these simply to make sales and post up a website and hope and pray for customers, Or have you taken the time to learn how to grow your business through educating yourself with the right knowledge for success? Likewise,  what is your plan to get new customers as you move along in the business world? How will you achieve these steps?

How will you market? Will you use a website or landing page? How will you re-target? Will you use social media? Word of mouth? What is your marketing plan, and how will you deal with effective frequency? Effective frequency is the amount of times a user sees your marketing message before they buy. We will get more into Effective Frequency in our step by step guide on how to grow a business in a moment. But how will you answer all of the important questions to scaling your business?

How to get customers once you have your marketing plan? You have identified the methods that you will market, but how to get customers business is still a step that has not been completed. Just selecting a marketing method does not satisfy how you will get customers. In this step you have to determine your traffic method. Will you use Google Adwords, Facebook ads that work, or other social media and ppc (pay per click), cpa (cost per action) methods?

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Who will you market to? Will you market to businesses, consumers, Doctors, Hospitals, Contractors, Realtors? What does your targets interests look like? Are they a home buyer, a home seller? Are they a life coach client? Are they an SEO company? A social media company? We always need to determine our target. Spending time on this important step will save money on ad spend, and get a better return on ad spend.


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Businesses can often be misguided in how to choose a target audience because they are too broad or target the wrong interest in finding their audience. Chances are you will want to follow this post. When selecting your buyer keywords and ultimately your target.

Think of it like this. Assume you offer social media services to realty companies. You run a Facebook ad for Realty Companies. You have several hundred signups by no sales. You are probably questioning why.? The answer is simple. Think of your target as the small point on a dartboard that the dart leaves when it hits it. Think of how you get there.

Use a tool like SEMRush for buyer keyword research and competitive research. Here is an example of a narrowed down search by finding realty companies. “Looking For” “On Linked In” “On Instagram” you may be a bit more targeted and convert some signups into sales.

Effective Frequency – How will reengage visitors with your marketing message?

How will you determine if your program and your marketing message is working? You will need a method to test your marketing methods. To determine what is working and not working correct? The last thing you want to do is pay for something that is not working or going to work right?

What exactly do you need to do to make sales?

How will you nurture the leads? How will you get leads?


Right Now I will tell you exactly how to grow your business. Follow this step by step plan to growing your business.

This method is followed by Big Cash Blog, and countless online marketers. In Fact, you can see a very good podcast on the method I am about to explain here.

Consumer time, and sales time is getting more and more valuable everyday. I easily see 100 requests a day for Social Media Managers, SEO and many other needed growth hack opportunities.

Step #1 Make every second on your site count. Ask your visitor for the opportunity to connect with them again later. Use a lead capture such as this one, or this one. This is where effective frequency comes in. Think of this as a rare 2nd chance opportunity  to leave a 1st impression. Also this gives you the opportunity to market the same message through a series of follow up messages. Obviously getting a 2nd a 3rd and a 7th chance to re-share your product with your site visitor is huge. But lets not get caught up in that because we still have a long way to go in explaining the steps to growing a business.


Step #2 Identify with your customer. Consumers are looking for answers to pain points. Buy Now, Same Day Service, Free Shipping are things that customers are actively searching for to solve a need they will pay for. By identifying with your customer you will help to accurately calculate your target. This is true even for businesses that have been in business for years and looking for how to grow their business. The thing is maybe the customers query changed without identifying with your target your efforts will be fruitless.


Step #3 Meet your customers demands. You and I are busy, but your customer is even busier, and they want what they want and when they want it. Giving them what your business offers, the value to them, and the price is sufficient for a customer to make an educated buying decision. Keeping those things in line with your action plan goals will help grow your business. If you drag out the buying process, chances are they will too. Short, to the point, value, price. SOLD.


Step #4 Offer more value. Customers will purchase upgrades as long as the value is there for them. I’ve worked with a lot of life coaches. I always get the question. But what would I up sell? I am looking at a page that has 50 videos, 20 free eBooks, a webinar, but I do not see anywhere an offer of 15 minutes of 1 on 1 time, or anything. So what can be up sold? Time, Installation, Support Packages, Lifetime accesses, you name it and a dollar can be added to it.


Step #5 Fix what is broken. When you are in business you have to make sales to pay bills, to pay yourself. You cannot do that when your work truck is broke down. If you are not running your business with a steady income then it is broken. If you have not made a sale of your product it is broken. If your Google Analytics shows no visitors your business is broken. When your car is broken would you mortgage your house to fix it? What about your cell phone? Would you pay $500 if you broke your phone today for a replacement? When you are ill will you see a doctor?Those are obvious signs something is wrong. I’ve heard business owners tell me that customers were not shopping that day, but they were shopping on another site?


Step #6 Invest in your business success. You will not get something for nothing in business, blogging, making money online, affiliate marketing, life coaching, SEOing, anything without investment. I have made $1,000,000 before but it was with investment, both time and money. Without those 2 key things there would have been no sales, no income, no money. Most new businesses and online marketers do not have the financial means to invest. However, oftentimes it is investing in the right things, that will achieve the desired results and save money and time. But we spend time focusing on the wrong things, and wasting time away from doing the right things, that have been proven as successful.


Step #7 Expose yourself to social media. Social Media is huge right now and it even factors in your page ranks in SERPs. Social media is a great place to grow but the problem is that you and I and them, they want instant results. Instant results do not happen. Every social media page that I have managed for a business with the exception of 1 was stale.

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No posts and no current information, missing about us sections, no links to their site and it was a mess. That is okay though. Mine looks the same right now as I have taken an organic traffic  approach for a case study I am doing right now. You would not know how to grow on social media if it were not for this post. To grow on social media is a simple easy to follow plan. Consistent content and wait. Fill every blank on the page and wait. That is it. I have seen this approach work very well, and have been a part of some very nice case studies for true engagement growth on social media.


Follow these steps to grow your business. Its a time tested and proven to succeed plan. Would it be safe to say that businesses could truly grow if they followed a road map? Putting your system together following a plan will help you grow your business in no time and help you leverage that customer time

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