What is clickfunnels? An honest answer to a honest question

What is clickfunnels? The most honest answer you will ever read.

What is clickfunnels? The Most Honest Answer.

Clickfunnels is how you sell products right now. Clickfunnels is everything your business needs under one roof.

Buyer demands are getting higher. Web sites are not providing the necessary way for businesses to get the good old contact us button clicked, or the simple subscribe widget on the page.

Customers are now demanding VALUE in the items they enter their coveted email address for. Who doesn’t blame them? It resembles the adage the grass greener on the other side, customers know what that other side is. SPAM! Non-value-added spam. That doesn’t appeal to today’s consumers. In fact, most of the email programs on the market send the offers to the spam folder. The content “trips” the spam filters and some consumers never even see it because it is in the spam folder. Shocking but true. That lead capture that doesn’t offer value or that website without marketing is useless. It’s an expense that is serving no purpose.

So how do you get a customer to contact you? To engage with your brand when for so long they have learned “DO NOT HIT THAT DOWNLOAD BUTTON” it is a virus. Or that entering their details in the contact box will get 25 emails in 10 minutes. How do you get that customer into your business? Into the level they trust you?

It is called Marketing. You get customers in your squad by marketing. Seems simple enough, right? Just market and they come? But how do you market to that customer? That is the million-dollar question. I am willing to bet $100 that I see the words “get more customers” or “make more sales” in my business, daily, and probably over 100 times in 3 days. So, what’s missing? If there are that many people looking for more customers and more sales what is missing?

If we know the equation to getting customers is marketing, what is missing to make it happen? The answer is the marketing, right? The answer to the missing piece is marketing. So, if we know that why are businesses not marketing? Why do I see daily posts about getting more customers?

Is it possible that most businesses do not know they need marketing to get customers? What about businesses who have the best intentions, but do not know how to activate that marketing program? Could it be possible that most businesses know they need customers, and marketing but do not know what the right marketing program is? Sure, we can debate the possibility of the could haves listed or we can explain the facts to marketing.

Marketing requires an investment of time and money. Marketing requires a product or service. Marketing requires an audience and a goal. Marketing requires ad spend and keywords. Marketing requires tools. Effective marketing produces sales.

So, how does a new business market? How does a 10-year-old business market?

If we know the key to getting customers is marketing we simply need the right marketing tools and the time investment and money correct? If we have all those ingredients and our goal is success do we have the right recipe? Absolutely. So, what are the right marketing tools for a new business or old business?
Remember, earlier I mentioned the million-dollar question. I will answer it now. Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is the best marketing tool for any business.

So, what is clickfunnels? The barney version?

Throughout this post and getting to this point you have learned the only marketing program that works. Word of mouth works but even then, some form of marketing allowed that 1st customer contact to buy the product or service. Marketing is the only way to making sales, and getting customers. Billions of dollars are spent on ads, why? Businesses know they need marketing to make sales. If you look at big brands, any of them, they market via ads.

Why clickfunnels then?

Clickfunnels is marketing in minutes. I do not care if you are web or computer savvy or not. Clickfunnels is for a new business to the business switching from paper invoices to the new era of online invoicing. Clickfunnels is for every business. It is everything you need at your fingertips to market your business to customers.

Clickfunnels takes a new business to extreme, and an old business to fresh. Web sites are not doing the duty anymore to bring sales in. Websites are everyday people and when people spend their days on Social Media, why go away from what is comfortable? Something new, something fresh to get customers to your business

Chances are your website is not sitting on standby waiting to collect your visitor’s information, or that your store is popping out with road map of how to get there. A Clickfunnel is. Clickfunnels is waiting on standby to get your visitors information, and then it will act as a salesman for your product or service. Clickfunnels is marketing in minutes with an entire sales team working hard for you. Give your customer a reason to give you their information and they will. If you have not read this Free Book you need to. Your eyes will be opened to new sales and ways to making your business grow.

Bringing customers to your business on autopilot is easy with clickfunnels. Why? It is the easiest way to marketing the right way to your customers. You can sit around all day throwing money at Facebook ads but it will do you no good until you have the highway to ROI on those Facebook ads. When you have a back end to your sales strategy that is feeding your customer with the exact things they want to give you their information for and through targeted ads you have no way to fail.
Clickfunnels is the best digital salesman for your business

From the time, your visitor reaches your Clickfunnel they will be presented with many enticing features of your funnel. Most people love to read the word free. Free is the best value you can offer to your customer. Sure, you must be paid for something but by solving a customer pain points with a free eBook, free consultations will help bridge that gap to building a relationship.

Do you think attorneys are compensated well? Do you know why? They operate on a funnel. All attorneys offer a free initial consultation. All attorneys have a high success rate of collecting retainers. So, what are you waiting for? Why wouldn’t you add a funnel to your business to collect a retainer? Or to sell your product?

Need more proof? Ok how about once your customers enter their contact information they go to a sales page offering your product or service for purchase right now. No in a few days, but today, you have a customer on your site, and you want them specifically to see your product or service and order it. No assume your customer makes it through the sales page and buys, you have now made a sell from a visitor that may not have bought from your site. While that may seem cliché’ think of it like this. When a customer wants an electronic or an item. Are they usually googling your site, or do they type in something like Amazon, or eBay? Chances are they are looking at Amazon or eBay. But, with a funnel they could very well be searching your site in place of Amazon or eBay.

Now lets assume your customer does not buy, Lets figure that they read your information and while they appreciated it they just decided it was not the right time. Consider the possibility that you had another chance? A second chance to sell that customer a product, or what if you had 7 more chances to sell that customer a product, would clickfunnels be considered the right marketing tool?

Regardless of what business you are in your business will benefit from Clickfunnels.

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