7 Golden Rules of Business Success

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One of the things I realized through the years in business success is that it is damn hard. There are so many demands on a business owner, the board of directors, or CEO that business success seems almost impossible.

Is business success possible with the right heads up? In this post, I will explain the factors that plagues business owners and effects [easyazon_link identifier=”B005P2A6ZC” locale=”US”]business success[/easyazon_link]. These factors can be changed with the right actions, and willingness to do so. Like with every blueprint and road map there is always a legend to arriving somewhere that you want to be. These 7 Golden Rules to Business Success have been proven out over the years, and when action is take the reults are business success.

Let’s take a look at business success

Many people are looking for the easy way to business success. Buying a new “proven” overnight money machine or getting into a leads program that promises to deliver only qualified leads such as Home Advisor claims. The point is that society and complacency have made these thoughts of overnight business success to occur. When in reality the people that I know who have made money, either online or in business have had the desire to achieve business success.

Looking back at starting my 1st business (lawn care business) I know that I dedicated countless hours to marketing on Craigslist and building up my landing page. At the time, both of those tasks seemed tedious and to be fruitless. Nonetheless, I started my landing page on April 10, 2009, and in the middle of June 2009, I was being complimented by 2 new customers, on my website, both found it on the 1st page of Google. (Fruitless Efforts Right) Those same “fruitless efforts” landed me a job at 2x my normal weekly mowing rate and an hour long discussion with a surgeon on my lawn care posts. My posts on Craigslist proved to provide a source of revenue, and I will tell both led to an expansion beyond belief in my lawn care business and broke my 1st goal of $500,000 in sales. Not too bad for a lawn care guy eh?

The 7 Golden Rules to Business Success


This proves true with my favorite quote,

When you need to achieve something you will.

Maybe you read the quote and you say to say yourself duh? Right? Well read it and put the meaning to it. There is not anything that I needed to achieve that I have not, while I have failed many things that I wanted to achieve.

Business Success comes from a need to achieve….???

When I started my lawn care business, I like most small business owners thought the green light to customers was coming up with a business name. That thinking did nothing for me and nothing towards my goal of business success. In fact, it did nothing but lead to frustration in thinking every day any day now my phone will ring, any day now my email will be for a job. But that didn’t happen. I realized it then and I realize it to this day. To get something done, to achieve business success you have to need it like the quote says.

Once you figure out, like I did, and most everyone else in business did, I needed to make changes in order to get my phone ringing and to get my emails to be for a job. Once, I did that as I stated above the results slowly trickled to something large, and real, well real enough to the point, I spent more time at my real job at John Deere doing more time of my business, and that was with a call center fielding my calls. Big deal right? I agree. That was not a business success for me yet. Business success came from acting on my need to achieve something. That came when I needed to have more, do more, and take control of my path in life. Once that change in me occurred, business success came naturally. This is important and I know there are bazillions of work from home people who also work a full-time job and wonder, is the time right for me to take the next step?

Let me explain how answering that question went for me.  I was in a very financially secure career with consistent promotions, and around $70K in a bad year and right at $90k in a good year. But when you need to achieve something you take that leap. So I did, I leaped into running my business full time and walking from the career. I did this because I believe all real entrepreneurs have no boundaries and have acted accordingly since.  I may have taken my last dollar to make the next five but nonetheless, Imade the decision that was right at the time for my business. You have to make the right decisions for your business.

Take a look at 7 Golden Rules to business success

  1. Invest your time in growth. Start somewhere give an hour a day, a few hours a week or what is possible to you. Obviously the less you give the longer the results take. When people work for you pointing out what they are not doing in your mind is a fruitless labor. Focus your time in the growth of your business.

2. Invest Money – In business your goal is to stay in business by keeping customers and meeting their demands for your growth. Part of that includes investing in meeting their demands financially. even when it is your last few bucks. Customers will invest in you when they can tell you have invested in your business.

3. Make mistakes – Inevitably you will make mistakes in business, I still make them every day and at the end of the day, I am still alive and well. This tells me that I can persevere until business success is there for me.

4. Make smart decisions – The worst decisions I made in my business involved hiring family. Family, Friends, and Business do not mix. I had 9  of 15 employees who were family members. They will eat at your every being and it is increasing hard to expand into business success with their involvement in your business. I was paying $1000 a month for roofing leads when the programs I needed only cost me $600. That $600 investment at the time didn’t seem like the right thing but once I did I save $400 a month, and actually started getting roofing customers

5. Be fearless – The worst that can happen to anyone is they cease to live. Life goes on when business is tough and though at the time it may not seem like, you overcome and experience business success because you have LIVED through the hard times.  If you continue to be reserved in your decision making then hey, the results are in. You are going nowhere. It is taking that next step and making that decision that makes you a stronger business.

6. Be consistent, I already told you family and friends have no business in your business. Think of the situation as this. If you ever get into business with family, they are no different as a customer. Likewise, you need to treat your neighbor as a customer. Being friends in business is a recipe for disaster. But, remaining consistent will gain you more respect as a business than it will be being friends with your customers.

7. Be legit – Check the requirements for your trade, product, service and make sure you are following the guidelines to operate in that business. There is no business success as you can imagine when OSHA is beating on your door or the IRS. Following guidelines shows your customers you have 2 things in mind, their respect and your business success.


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