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Recently, I was asked which autoresponders on the market are worth the money? I always to try to review a product or service for the value it provides. Today, I will take an in depth look at the Top 3 autoresponders. In this review I will look at features, price, ease of use and value in my best autoresponder 2019. For this review I chose Get Response, AWeber, and Mailchimp in comparison. You may be shocked to find that only 2 of the 3 autoresponders made it through my complete analysis.

The best autoresponder Get Response test case tells the story

Obviously email marketing is the latest craze and many people and businesses are starting to see the power and value in email marketing. Commercially, there are several email marketing autoresponder programs available but it seems the Top 3 and most widely known are AweberGetResponse, and Mailchimp.

This review dives into the user experience of these autoresponders, and delivers the results.

When I started email marketing I used Mailchimp. Mailchimp seemed to be the best autoresponder at the time. Well that was 2014. Since then I have switched to Aweber, after using GetResponse for a short while.

Mailchimp allowed for the features I needed at the time, but that is just the thing with Mailchimp autoresponder. It worked for the time. Life and business evolved and the need for aesthetics changed which is why I switched to GetResponse.

What is the best autoresponder? Will it be Mailchimp, AWeber or GetResponse?

Mailchimp is a good autoresponder for a basic email autoresponder but I would not recommend it on a high usage level and here is why –

Mailchimp failed to meet our bar in user experience. In this test case, we offered a person $20 to set up and test the following in Mailchimp:

Test: FAILED After 20 minutes of trying to tweak the signup form to something that looked…okay, and another 10 minutes troubleshooting the failure to pop up we decided to move on to a better email marketing program.

Mailchimp Pricing-starts at Free – $199.99 per month (Not recommended)

Mailchimp is not the best autoresponder…lets check out GetResponse and AWeber.

We moved on to GetResponse, in the same fashion that I did in trying to determine the best Autoresponders for the purpose of this review.  GetResponse is a great email marketing tool with many up to date features and nice lead captures. GetResponse gave our test user a run for their money at around a 35 minute turn time from start to finish to create a lead capture, integrate a lead capture, and write the first follow up email.

GetResponse features a free trial available here, and they also do a great job of working with their customers to build their business. GetResponse Pricing starts @ $15/Mo – $999/Mo. GetResponse also offers landing pages, webinars, marketing automation and more. GetResponse offers a 30 Day Free Trial Here. You will find nice aesthetics with GetResponse and workable features but there is still something missing in the user experience… Getresponse wins as the best autoresponder by a landslide an this is why –

The bottom line?

Honestly it was a difficult decision between Aweber and GetReponse. I have talked about the consistency in fluid integration with clickfunnels and Aweber in this post, and I have seen countless customers jump ship from Mailchimp and GetResponse to Aweber for one reason or another 😉 Personally, my decision to move to email was purely a aligning with consistency test. So far that has proven to be a wise move. GetResponse is a leader and will always have my respect in terms of autoresponders.

GetResponse will allow for consistent growth and positive user experience that exceeds what I have reviewed on the market right now. AWeber provides ease in the entire email marketing process and offer many tips. Their legacy follow up series is a hit with new customers moving toward email marketing.

Follow these simple steps to creating an AWeber Account –

Step #1 Click Here to Navigate to GetResponse

Step #2 Click on Free Trial

Best Autoresponder Review GetResponse wins the best autoresponder

Step #3 Enter your Aweber Account InformationGetResponse

Step #4 Enter your Aweber Billing Account InformationGetResponse

Step #5 Login to GetResponse

Step #6 Create your first list 😉

Authors Note: We paid out $60 in testing our best autoresponders review to a test subject for this test case. This person was tasked with creating the lead capture, integrating a lead capture, and creating the first autoresponder email. The compensation was paid to review the user experience of the test. No Unworthy US Dollar Bills were paid out in this review.







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