The Best Autoresponder Email Followup to Maximize Conversion Today

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When it comes to following up with an email from a visitor that did not take an action on your website you may find yourself at a loss. This post will cover the best autoresponder email followup to maximize your conversions, and nurture your lead.

There is a right way to write a follow up email and a wrong way. Most people incorrectly choose the wrong way and begin immediately with an email to make a purchase when a better solution is further education. I have found the best autoresponder email format to use is the following:

  1. Education – Use this to establish further clarity of your brand. Example: “Our Company has been in the dental business for 21 years.” Versus “I noticed you didn’t buy our offer.”
  2. Attempt engagement – “Hello, I wanted to follow up and see if I may get your opinion the information you were sent.”
  3. Explain both the value and benefits to the individual
  4. Share others experiences. “Before using our service Jane was unable to get any customers.”
  5. Offer examples of what has worked with your product or service.
  6. Offer your help to them. People respond better when they feel they are being helped versus being sold.
  7. Invite them for a free trial of your services. Free is not often turned down. For physical products in place of free offer a deep discount. Remember you goal is to get the customer in the door. Flexibility works well in commerce.

How to use the best autoresponder sequence to your advantage?

Follow the format above. Take notes when you start with a brand new subscriber. Offer a simple discount, consultation, free trial. Offer something of value and set up the above email sequence for your visitor. Follow that path to success and see how it helps you with conversions. Spread your email out over of 10 day span. I usually schedule my first to within the same day. Not immediately but maybe 4-6 hours later. This way, I stay fresh in their mind.

Closing Up

The most important way to turn this into the best autoresponder is to build trust in you and your brand. There is a huge burden in being worthy of getting a customer to use their credit card on your site. Not many meet that burden. Any way you can build trust in your product or brand will definitely help to maximize your conversions.

What are some of the best autoresponder ideas you can think of?


The Best Autoresponder Email Followup to Maximize Conversion Today
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The Best Autoresponder Email Followup to Maximize Conversion Today
A really easy way to build trust in your brand using the best autoresponder techniques, designed to maximize conversions.
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