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Best Wordpress Hosting Review

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Lately I have been having issues with GoDaddy Resources. It has been quite frustrating to say the least. While shopping for the best WordPress hosting, I found Fast Comet and within 5 minutes of checking out their site and live chat, I was a paying customer.

Best WordPress Hosting Review 2017

Fast Comet offered everything in WordPress Hosting that I was looking for and then some. Plus, the same old song and dance with GoDaddy was getting old. Each time I called in to GoDaddy tech support, I was given a different reason for GoDaddy’s Resources Exceeded without the actual cause. I already discussed the need for fast word press hosting in this post as a blogger and affiliate marketer having fast WordPress hosting is important.

I have been with GoDaddy managed hosting for WordPress for the past 10 months and have placed over 30 calls for resource issues. GoDaddy will keep you on the phone for half your life with up sells while screwing around on getting your site back up. Plus chances are you do not need to upgrade your WordPress Hosting, you just need to change your WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Hosting and GoDaddy Resources Exceeded. The Solution.

Each time I spoke to GoDaddy there was some mention to upgrade my WordPress hosting. While I am a super easy sell for products and services. GoDaddy just did not seem to have the upgrade I was looking for. Not to mention the upgraded WordPress hosting with GoDaddy is extremely expensive. Not to mention I was given 3 different prices for the same packages. Thank God I didn’t waste my money with GoDaddy.
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It is not a good selling point to simply tell a customer they need to spend more money with your company when their site is consistently experiencing GoDaddy resource issues. With no underlying issues identified, I could not in good faith spend any more money on WordPress hosting with GoDaddy. It is easy to determine value in WordPress hosting especially for a new blogger. Bloggers need Fast, Affordable, Efficient WordPress Hosting. Read on to learn more about How Fast Comet exceeds the the value, and expectations in WordPress hosting.

Where I moved my WordPress Hosting to and Why?

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I decided my site had seen a 500 error for the last time with GoDaddy. I decided to start searching for WordPress hosting that was going to allow my sites to be hosted with out error, and deliver a fast response for the user. My search led me Fast Comet and a few others but I was really drawn to Fast Comet. Within a few moments of chatting I was purchasing their WordPress Hosting and opening a new ticket to migrate my sites.It was a “no brainer” to choose Fast Comet when every question I had regarding Fast Comet Hosting was answered in a few seconds and to my liking. I was told by Anna that she agreed bloggers need their site to show up when users look for it and began to explain to me the recommended hosting package for my WordPress site. I was awestruck at the affordability and the amount of storage in comparison to WordPress hosting offered by GoDaddy. Fast Comet WordPress Hosting is lightning fast and I noticed an immediate increase in GTMetrix and Pingdom  scores after migrating to Fast Comet.

Fast WordPress Hosting is important.

Fast WordPress Hosting is not the only reason that I chose Fast Comet to host my WordPress Site. Customer service is a very important consideration for me in any purchase. I always want to know where I will stand in the event of an issue.

With GoDaddy, I often waited for several minutes for an issue to be resolved. Minutes may not seem like much but most businesses I know charge for their time too. It really doesn’t seem to be a good use of a businesses time to sit on hold with GoDaddy. There are better alternatives to wasting time with GoDaddy tech support. Fast Comet will help you in ways that GoDaddy does not and I truly believe they offer world class customer support. Let me explain why.

When someone has an issue with their site down they need a team that is equipped to understand the need for that blogger or business to get their site back up and running. Fast Comet is that committed team. I ordered my services and was instructed to submit a help ticket for the migrations. You get 3 Free Migrations with the Speed Up package.

Customer Service Counts in WordPress Hosting.

Fast Comet uses the ticket system for technical support but you may as well compare it to Live Chat. I ordered 2 migrations and within 30 seconds, I received confirmation that my WordPress migration was underway. Fast Comet went above and beyond to thank me immediately for being a customer, and for my patience while they migrated the site. My 1st site on Fast Comet was migrated in under an hour. That hour of time was nothing in comparison to the hours and days my site was down with GoDaddy hosting. Both sites were migrated with the 1st hour and a half of being a Fast Comet customer.

Speaking of Fast Comet Tech Support I was very pleased to see that one of the help categories is specifically dedicated to website down issues. When your WordPress Hosting company dedicates a tech support slot for getting your website back on the net, you know they are a stand up company that means business for your business.

I could not be more pleased with the affordability, features, and speed of my WordPress Hosting with Fast Comet. My only regret is that I did not get away from GoDaddy, sooner. Starting at $2.95 a month (with actual monthly billing) and a 45 day money back guarantee you cannot go wrong switching your blog or website to Fast Comet. You can sign up here today.


WordPress Hosting Update and GoDaddy Resource Issues.

Just a little update to the GoDaddy resources issue. I have now hosted my heavy sites on Fast Comet, and deleted over half my sites in GoDaddy.  I just received an email that I am exceeding my resources. This is the 2nd time I have deleted sites on GoDaddy to free up resources that really did not need to be deleted.

GoDaddy will not admit their fault and that is a huge no no with me. In comparison and why you should be changing your WordPress Hosting to Fast Comet now? Fast Comet made a minor mistake in migrating my site. It was nothing that could not be and was not fixed in a few moments. In fact, leaving it that way left the site more secure, but required me to perform an additional function. I sent a help ticket to Fast Comet, and I received an immediate response, stating THEY MADE THE ERROR and were FIXING IT IMMEDIATELY. In truth it was not really an error but a way to keep my site more secure. Ask yourself why you are not hosting your WordPress site on Fast Comet today?

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