Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup Updated This is The New Way

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The Updated Custom Domain Set up for Clickfunnels

I wanted to update this post and leave the old method in case for some reason Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup changes again. This update will cover only clickfunnels custom domain set up the new way. For the old way please refer to the bottom of this post.

With clickfunnels new dashboard they added an easier way to setup or change your clickfunnels url or custom domain. This new process is super easy and only involves a few steps.

To get started >Account >Custom Domains> Add new domain.

Type in the domain name that wish to add.

Click Next.

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup
On this page clickfunnels will tell you to add a CNAME record to your web host. I have created a tutorial video and included in this post for you to see exactly how to add your CNAME record. After adding the CNAME record, you will click on “I have done this step.” At this time it will take some time for the DNS change to propagate.

This will only take a few moments however may take up to 24 hours to resolve. Once this is done it is as simple as adding the domain to the funnel. To do that click on the funnel you wish to connect, Click on Settings, and Domains, Simply select the added domain to the funnel click save, and you are done. Congratulations.

A simple step by step Clickfunnels custom domain setup…

I see it all the time “clickfunnels custom domain setup” people using clickfunnels are looking to have their own domain name pointing to their clickfunnel instead of having clickfunnels name in place of it. I find that people often become confused in this simple process of updating the DNS records. Although setting up your dns records can seem to be a trivial and confusing thing to do I believe the below demonstration provides a clear and easy way to accomplishing clickfunnels custom domain setup.

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup

Clickfunnels custom domain setup is easy just follow this step by step guide

I will cover both a complete custom domain and a sub-domain. Both work the same except if you want to keep your registrar like FastComet for your top level domain, like and any websites, or blogs connected to it.

Step # 1 This 1st clickfunnels custom domain example will take less than 5 minutes and when you are done, you are done.

Step #2 You probably do not need all the records for your clickfunnels custom domain setup it is extremely important when first starting out to only remove the A records pointing to your site. Both your and your www record.

Step #3 Clickfunnels does explain this but it around 4 paragraphs long. So here is the simple version of clickfunnels custom domain setup –

You need to add (2) CNAME Records

  • 2- CNAME www POINTS TO


(Once you do this, it can take 24-48 hour for the change to take effect, though not likely. However, for some of my international clients, I have seen it take around 18 hours) You should still finish the process in the meantime.

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup


Add your Clickfunnels Custom Domain

Step # 7 Go to My Account > Settings > Custom Domains

Click on Add New Domain

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup

The next 5 boxes are filled like this

  1. your domain. No http, no https, no www just
  2. Root of URL this is the landing page you plan on connecting this too. Make sure you choose the correct one.
  3. A 404 page is not necessary
  4. Once the green light for your SSL Certificate from Cloud Flare appears in Crypto then you should select SSL On
  5. Create Domain

Now it is time to add your clickfunnels custom domain setup to your page.

This is very easy to accomplish in just 2 steps.

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup


Step #8 Edit the Settings for the Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup, make sure to trim the path to something visibly appealing to your buyer. Final and very important lesson, the save button on this screen is all the way at the bottom. Do not FORGET to click it. Thank you for checking out my clickfunnels custom domain tutuorial, and remember, bigcashblog can always be hired to complete this step reasonably.

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup Clickfunnels Custom Domain Setup

Congratulations you are all done with clickfunnels custom domain setup. I hope this clickfunnels custom domain set up step by step guide was easy to use and beneficial to you.

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