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Clickfunnels Review A Full and Honest Clickfunnels Review

As many of you know I am a die hard Clickfunnels fan. I spend most of my day interacting with customers inquiring into what clickfunnels is and what Clickfunnels can do for their business? Clickfunnels has become a big part of my business and recently my 8 year old daughters vocabulary.

As you will learn below in my advice on clickfunnels I am a believer of many things in running a successful business and one of those is through hard work and determination. When my 8 year talks about funnels, I know I am doing something right as a parent.  Today, I am going to provide you with my honest review on Clickfunnels and why it works.

Clickfunnels what is it and why is it so amazing?

Clickfunnels is marketing in minutes as it states on the Free Trial Page. I explain to clients that the program is a highway to sales and list building. Anyone can create a free clickfunnels account in a matter of a few seconds and set setup a sales funnel  with one of the free funnels and be on their way to making sales. Clickfunnels is the perfect program for list building. The program is for the small business owner to the large corporation, entrepreneur and most definitely anyone wanting to make money online.

Clickfunnels belongs in EVERY BUSINESS. Every business has a goal to make sales and bring customers into their business. If you don’t share the same goal and you run a business you may want to reconsider your career choice.

Clickfunnels gives you the ability to create a marketing campaign for a business, product or service with absolutely no skills. Clickfunnels requires no skills as they offer Free Funnel Giveaways. Personally I do not use most of funnel templates simply because I prefer to create a landing page on my own. Nonetheless has simplified the ability to explain every step of the way and provides you a baseline to design your “squeeze page”

Clickfunnels is marketing in minutes

Even without website coding skills and marketing skills you will see the advantage in a landing page that offers you the exact layout for setting up a money grabbing funnel in Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels truly does deliver streamlined marketing in minutes. What use to take months and weeks to set up can now be done in a few minutes or hours with clickfunnels.

Access a proven money making clickfunnel right now

One of the best features about Clickfunnels is everything is right there. Your Clickfunnel SEO, Meta Data (one of my personal favorite terms) All of your design tools, and buttons, videos and timers right at the click of a button!

One could easily design a landing page for a book or product in just a few minutes and be well on way to making sales. A personal favorite feature of mine is the payment gateways, and assets. Simply store your digital good right in the assets folder and deliver it instantly on purchase with clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels the Small Business Wow Factor

Clickfunnels has a long list of available integration’s for your funnel. These integration’s allow for a complete hands free operation of your business if that is what moves you, (personally, I prefer to be more hands on in my business).

Clickfunnels and Zapier Integration Tutorial

Let me give you an easy example of a hands free operation with clickfunnels –

This weekend, I worked on a funnel for a photographer with a simple Clickfunnels integration in Zapier. We created a new order through stripe that creates a new google sheet entry and then posts the customers scheduled date and time right in her Google Calendar. Whats better? If she or the customer needs to cancel,  all of the steps are updated and notifications are sent. Looking to put your sales funnel on automatic? With Clickfunnels and Zapier the possibilities appear at this point to be endless.

When I talk about simplicity with Clickfunnels integration, I want to clarify that I have worked on several sales funnels, with different platforms including Lead Pages, Instapage, Builderall, Hubspot and Thrive and I have yet to see a more well put together platform for making everyday business life…simple.

Likewise the same is true with Aweber. I have found Aweber consistently integrates well with every program that I have attempted to integrate with and have had no issues whereas I have found Mailchimp to be one of the most difficult programs to work with.  Aweber offers the most consistent free marketing advice that I have found in my review of the major autoresponders on the market today. You will receive a free trial with Aweber and the plans are affordably priced @ $19 a month.


Clickfunnels will boost your bottom line

Clickfunnels will boost your sales. Its a magic factor with clickfunnels that once you get your landing page or squeeze page built, the rest seems a breeze. Do you know all the steps to a funnel? Do you know how to put all those steps together in your website? Even with my favorite WordPress site I will spend several hours if not days oiling the site to be a good sales funnel.

Not only do I save time using clickfunnels, but all the the necessary steps are behind the squeeze page mapped out for you without subdomains and a bunch of redirects basically, really basic and kick butt clickfunnels features. You can even send your customer to another page right from within your Clickfunnels without having to worry about what redirect got them there.

Clickfunnels does all the heavy lifting

Assume your customer is presented with an offer and they choose not to take the offer at that time, based on their actions you can send them to the next step in your funnel and make the sale or simply down sell the same offer. I tell all of my customers to make sure that your customer takes action on every page of your funnel.

Clickfunnels is about conversions and creating the best platform to maximize those conversions. Building out your Clickfunnels to do those things is simple. You can choose to go elsewhere and spitball at what your are doing or you can opt to use a program with a proven record of boosting sales. Clickfunnels is everything having a place and everything in its place for your business.

I can make a guarantee that if you put the time and investment into everything clickfunnels offers there is no way to lose. The recipe for success with clickfunnels is right here in black and white and so far those I have seen follow that road map have 1) Seen an increase in traffic 2) Seen an increase in their list and opt in offers 3) Sold PRODUCTS and SERVICES in Clickfunnels.

You can have a website and all the gadgets with it, but why have all those extra unnecessary things in the way? Which brings me to my next topic.

Is Clickfunnels worth the money?

Is Clickfunnels Worth it? My Honest Review as a Business Owner

Clickfunnels is worth its weight in gold, but only you can answer the value of a customer to your business. I know when I roofed, I was spending $1000 a month in ad spend and closing $0. I have put a $20 bill in Clickfunnels and a Facebook ad and sold a service. (with an upgrade) Maybe it was the choice of niche at the time Roofing has 173,260 searches where as Clickfunnels does not break 30,000.

The fact remains I spent far less using clickfunnels than I did with a website and what I considered to be pretty hefty ad spend.

As a business you get what you invest. Clickfunnels is definitely a worthwhile investment for all businesses. People come to me wanting to know how to make money online? Most people want the easy and instant answer and I can provide that however, only 30% of those people will invest in the real method to making money online.

To be completely honest , I spent more money trying to find clickfunnels than I did after I found the program. Making an investment in your business sometimes is a hard decision, but not making the right investment in your business is a risky decision.

As a business owner I always believed having the right tools were the keys to success. With the right tools you can fix anything that is broken right? Well making money online and investing in your business is determined on making the right investment in the right tools.

People go crazy over Dave Ramsay and rightfully so. People will invest in his methods right or wrong based off his testimony. But a program that is proven to increase sales, increase user engagement, and build a list will be a 2nd consideration in most business decisions. Why is this? Most people are afraid of failure. The issue may not necessarily have anything to do with the expense, but they feel if they invest, and do not achieve the same results then they have failed, and lost money in the process. Losing money is never fun and that is why it is important to be the captain of your ship.

Clickfunnels will make money for your business

Clickfunnels will make the money, if you let it. I have learned that growth comes from investment. As I have ran a business that has grossed nearly $900,000 in a single 12 months and shown a 3 year progression $313,000 $619,000 and finally $896,000 and broken $100,000 in a month with less than 31 days in it. I learned that through investing in the right tooling, the right program and the right decisions that progression is possible.

This same belief is true when I was an Advocare distributor. For one I was giving more of the money I was working for to the company. One day I realized in order to make the money in this I need to level up to advisor and take a bigger piece of the pie. So, nevertheless I invested. The buy in was $3k but I had already accomplished $1200 of this through my sales but I still took $1800 that day and made the step to making money in the business I was in. I even utilized a sales funnel within that program in order to increase my sales by simply offering a package at a slightly reduced rate for a guaranteed weekly order.

I wasn’t losing as much as I was gaining so it seemed to make perfect sense. Moreover the take away here was a much stronger need for my Advocare distribution to succeed which meant, I grinded harder. You must #grind for your business anyway but when you invest in its success you achieve more, you are hungrier for the next sale.

I took 5 vacations the last year on every one of those five vacations I took a laptop and I worked. I worked because without work and investment nothing is possible. I don’t care if clickfunnels is $97 a month or $970 a month the investment in a program that has proven to do as it says is worth it. As a business owner you determine whether your business is going to succeed or fail and I have been in business a long time to know that most failures are the results of bad decision making. At some point in your structure you or the decision maker lost touch with your businesses ultimate goals to grow.  I have not worked with a single user that has not seen a positive increase in everything that was killing their business and making changes in the right directions.

Clickfunnels does what the other programs won’t

I guarantee you won’t get something for nothing and your investment should get you something. Even with all the guarantees in the world most people will need to try something before they buy it and that is one of the greatest parts. When you pair the free trial of clickfunnels and the funnel giveaway what makes you think you won’t want to continue? Of course, this program will not solve all the worries of your business or your world but executed properly, will do as it says.

Clickfunnels Advice, The Bottom Line

Today you should signup for a Free Trial. Use my link, and I will provide you with the most important things you must do with that funnel within that 14 days in order to be successful with clickfunnels, COMPLETELY FREE, if you need to hire me, you may but it is not necessary because I know you will get it (AND IF YOU DON’T, I WILL DO IT FOR HALF THE COST). Pick your product or service, and build your 1st funnel. Setup an Auto Responder with Aweber, run a Facebook ad, and start making money in your Business.

How hard can that be? Right?

Get Started Today!

Make Money Online As A Clickfunnels Affiliate



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