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Well Hell Yea! About Time We meet up.

Whats up, I am JB, or John, a entrepreneur living the American Dream in the midwest with a small family including, Wife, Daughter, 2 Stepsons, and a Crazy Dog. <----

I can tell you that the only thing cooler than me is a -30° Room. You and I are meeting up here today because like you I been there. Slowly begging, borrowing, and stealing to build the business I wanted. 

I did what I had to do.

1st Year $313,000 (September to December 2014)

2nd Year $687,000 (Full 12 months)

3rd Year $1.094,877 (Who counts change)

Anyways, the reason we are looking at each other is that I can teach you a thing or two that will help you grow your business faster than the wall will be built (and without needing a Go Fund Me page). I know that I can do this for you because like you many others have come here, learned and grown their business.

Let me tell you another thing, I learned at an early point in life that you can rely on 1 person. So I learned and mastered everything that I needed to learn and master to be self made. Sure, I had help. $20,000 in that entire time. But the other times the other goal breaking months of $100,000, yep, that was that nerve that I had to master what I set out to do.

I worked in a factory for a long time, In that factory, I rose up quickly, by being that 1 person that anyone could rely on. I did what was right for everyone, not just 1 person, but everyone no matter what the costs. Aside from being selected as a representative to a 860,000 + attendee labor march in Washington DC and being chosen among 5000 others, I also did the right thing in stopping a $170,000,000 brand new line from running for 7 months until they spent another $100,000 and it was safe to run. Point - I am a badass that was born to help you help yourself, so let get some shit done.



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Don't want to pay for clickfunnels? Check out these cheap clickfunnels alternatives

JB      Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Answered The new cheaper alternative to clickfunnels right now

There are so many options to selling your product or service online and alternatives to clickfunnels now days that it is very hard to make the right decision. A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are searching for a cheaper alternative to clickfunnels. Sometimes they want the features but not such a high monthly bill.  I always try to share my personal experiences and offer what I have experienced and has been successful with Big Cash Blog.

Some of the features I like to report on are pricing, customer service, and overall value of a service. I have found that by doing this, it offers you a better overall picture on value. In this post, you will learn 6 cheaper alternatives to clickfunnels and other clickfunnels alternatives.

 6 cheaper alternative to clickfunnels

Cheaper Alternative to Clickfunnels that are just as effective.

First off, let me say that I believe cheaper is a relative term. You can pay a premium price and have great features or pay a lower price and have “like” featuresAny WordPress Site can become a sales funnel, or landing page. Any Html Site can become a sales funnel. You do not necessarily need funnel building software like clickfunnels because you can easily do the same things without paying clickfunnels pricing. With that said here are a few cheaper clickfunnels alternatives.

  1. Fast Comet – Fast Comet offers a bunch of premium quality WordPress themes Free as part of their hosting plan offered here. Fast Comet will also install the theme for you and make sure that it is optimized for page speed. Order Here and send a support ticket and let them know you are looking for a landing page with a call to action. They will hook you up. You can check my review out here of Fast Comet, and also their plans run from $2.95 – $12.95 a month making Fast Comet a cheaper alternative to clickfunnels.
  2. Blue Host – Blue Host also offers shared hosting and Managed WordPress that will allow you to build a landing page with a call to action, Blue Host is also a cheaper alternative to clickfunnels with plans starting at just $.3.49 a month. Blue Host is a premium provider of hosting in my opinion, and prior to switching Big Cash Blog to Fast Comet I voted Blue Host as #1 WordPress Hosting.
  3. Host Gator – Host Gator is a good WordPress Host and will also include 1 click WordPress installs. Host Gator is probably the cheapest alternative to clickfunnels in terms of using a WordPress site as a sales funnel which is entirely possible as many site include a sales funnel that are built in WordPress. You should click this link to get the best deal on Host Gator right now.

Some other Cheaper alternative to Clickfunnels that are like clickfunnels:

  1. Instapage – Instapage is the first program I used when I started working with funnels. Instapage is super easy to start building funnels and offers some of the best user experiencein designing a funnel. Most people will probably be able to build an entire funnel with Instapage in an hour or 2 for a beginner. Instapage offers a 14 Day No Credit Card Required Trial with prices ranging from $68 ($76 if billed monthly) -$203 ($225 if billed monthly). Instapage also offers features not found in clickfunnels like heatmaps where visitor actions are recorded on your site. This is very important for determining where your visitors are falling off at.
  2. Leadpages – Leadpages is also a super simple alternative to clickfunnels that will set up a sales funnel relatively quickly. Leadpages is a bit of a different user experience and maybe not as easy or postive as that found in clickfunnels or instapage it is still workable. A funnel could be built in 3-4 hours with Leadpages for a beginner. Leadpages like Instapage offers a 14 Day Free Trialhowever requires a credit card. Leadpages pricing ranges from $25/Mo if Paid annually or ($37/Mo on a monthly billing) up to $199/Mo only available as an annual payment. Leadpages does offer a middle plan Pro Plan at $48/Mo if paid annually or ($79/Mo if monthly billing).
  3. HubSpot – HubSpot is an inbound marketing hub with revenue of $271 million. They are experts in marketing and accordingly their plans reflect as such. They do offer plans from Free to $2400 a month billed annually. HubSpot offers so many features that businesses do not need, and probably not enough of the ones they do. HubSpot is a great program so that is not to say they do not provide a great service. I also started with a simple landing page to check out HubSpot and found the entire process seamless and easy to understand. With a free forever plan there is no reason not to click here to sign up and explore for yourself.


There are several cheaper alternatives to clickfunnels, this list of 6 is the most commonly used alternatives. With the hosting recommended above you will spend at around $100 for the year. Of course, you will still need to set up a site unless you use Fast Comet. In which case they will install a theme free.

You can find many plugins on the market that will help you with page building. That is all a landing page really is just a nicely built webpage. Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Thrive are some commonly used plugins to build a landing page.

You can save alot of money using this list of cheaper alternatives to clickfunnels and still have a page that is like clickfunnels built it.  What are some of the ways you have built a landing page?