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You probably didn’t know you were going to land on the page of a clickfunnels support group right here on Big Cash Blog, but lucky you, you did. I cover a wide range of clickfunnels support issues and have provided a small but never inclusive list of my clickfunnels support help items on deck. Always feel free to contact me and please note that as soon as you are finished with your purchase you will be redirected to a page to input all of your details.

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—-My average lead time is approximately 2 – 3 weeks out on complete #funnel #building—-

Clickfunnels Support Services and Pricing

Be aware, this is not all inclusive and at times projects require extra time and in some cases extra money. In that case we will always make contact with you to allow you notification to make a proper decision.

Clickfunnels Custom Domain Set up – $20

We will set up a Cloud flare account and assign your custom domain to your clickfunnels to help you get rid of the clickfunnels generated domain.  *****MOST POPULAR*****

Clickfunnels Auto Responder Integration Set up – $15

We will set up your clickfunnels auto responder integration with the 1st welcome email ready to go with product upload as necessary.

Clickfunnels Funnel Set up -$150-$700 (Please Contact)

We will set up your sales funnel to your specifications including using your content. This package does not include the costs of sales copy, videos, images or anything not associated with your copyrights of the content.

Clickfunnels SEO, Clickfunnels Meta Tag, Clickfunnels Keywords – $129

This includes complete SEO for your Clickfunnels including a proper Meta Tag, Keyword Research and Proper On Page SEO. Your funnel will be crawled and indexed by Google upon completion.


Clickfunnels #Funnel #hacking $327

This one says it all and is our 2nd most popular and sold item. For just $327 you will have a well oiled machine in your clickfunnels account. Everything will fire in your clickfunnels properly and correctly. This one is for every clickfunnels subscriber. If your goal is to make sales this is a must have! This comprehensive package takes all the #hacks that clickfunnels doesn’t want you to know about and places them right into your funnel action.

Clickfunnels Membership Setup – (Min) $250 – $600

A lot of people get clickfunnels thinking it is a turn key way to a membership site that makes them passive income. Well it can if you have the right clickfunnels membership setup and it is one of the most involved things I have ever seen. Content uploads, pages, users, levels, security, features and on and on. But it can be done we can complete your clickfunnels membership setup and get you rolling to generating subscribers. This one is an important one for us to have some dialogue on so please contact us before ordering.

Clickfunnels Traffic Pack and how to get buyers to my clickfunnels? – (Min) $155 – $——

Everyone seen the part where Russell says you need to get clickfunnels traffic right? Ok, we do that. We have multiple packages and options with different budgets. Each of our packages includes, ad spend, ad design, keyword research and sales copy. We offer a good bargain and results in our traffic campaign and we hope to help you with yours. “We will help show you how to get buyers to my clickfunnels?”

Clickfunnels Auto Responder Follow up – $179

We will write your 1st 7 follow up emails to your list. We cannot stress the importance of nurturing your leads. We will write, schedule and include links to your sales page on every email to your subscribers. Let us help you help your clickfunnels.