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It's this thing me and my dog do...

Its about Breaking Free From the 9-5 and taking control of your business and life!

Me and Lei Dog or “Cow Dog”want you to know you will always be welcome as a visitor and community member at Big Cash Blog.

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Search Engine Optimization

What blog doesn’t cover SEO?

Making Money Online

Yes we do it here at BigCashBlog the real way

Online marketing

Tools and Things to grow your business

Affiliate Marketing

The need to know on affiliate marketing

Social Media

Ways to grow on Social Media

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Absolutely, Definitely and Positively. Big Cash Blog has a LONG track record of helping businesses grow!

Lei dogs story

Lei was a rescue dog that we took in shortly after my mother died in 2013. When we first brought her home she did not come out from underneath the kitchen table. Now she not only does that but eats like she hasn’t been fed in a lifetime. Her favorite treats are pepperoni sticks but if you can eat it she will. I would like to say she is a perfect guard dog, but truth be told she only barks at our son, and has hidden from past burglars. Despite these things she has found a family here that loves her and cares for her very much. Lei keeps me company in the early morning hours while I craft these posts.

My story

I have been an entrepreneur since 2009. In 2014 I left my career and started my business full time. Since then I have worked with over 2000 entrepreneurs in pursuit of growing their business online and locally. I have substantial experience in Search Engine Optimization, ranking every site organically. Additionally, I have found a way for businesses and entrepreneurs to make money quickly through a proven system. Since I have figured out this method I have personally helped over 500 companies experience this rapid growth strategy. I am a full time entrepreneur and blogger and the only thing I cannot figure out yet is why you and I have not started to collaborate on growing your business? 

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Here are latest blog posts from Big Cash Blog

Ok, So here is the thing...I have to tell you about this gig. Probably best if I shoot it to you straight.

This list below is some of the things we are affiliates on. This means that when you purchase something through one of the links below we will earn some change and I will probably get some of my favorite treats. 

Part of my job around here is making sure the money stays flowing so that I get treats.

Plus we have some good reviews of the programs for you to read about to make sure it is the right one for you. 

We are working on putting a program of the day on this site to help you get some exposed to the thousands of tools we encounter.  The other thing if you are not on our list you are missing out. BIG TIME. Listen, we work really hard to get you the answers and solutions you need because we want to see you succeed. So please make sure to fill out the simple form and connect with us on a deeper level.

-Lei Dog Psst. Don’t Forget the Treats!

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best social media tools

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Some of our attempts at blogging. Some People actually read this stuff...

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