This brand new tutorial shows you how to get customers right now

How to get customers step by step tutorial

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If you are looking for how to get customers then this post will definitely be a treat for you. I am going to show you a step by step how to get customers, and I will even show you how in the video below. If you are a business owner struggling to get customers or looking for a tutorial to get new customers be sure to follow along. You may also chose to have this entire article sent to you in an easy to follow series to review when convenient for you. I strongly encourage you to try the methods in your own business and see that you are able to get new customers with this proven method.

Start by following a proven plan on How to get customers.

There are many different methods and plans to get customers that sometimes a business needs the right guidance to get new customers. Maybe you have seen many of the Facebook ads lately that offer free Facebook strategies for your business? Or how to scale your amazon affiliate income? There are so many ads on Facebook now that I must clarify the connection of those Facebook ads with this post. They all follow a proven plan on how to get customers.

How So? These ads that you see lately are targeted offer ads. (more of which you will learn in a moment) They are well thought out and researched ads that are placed before their target audience. The keyword for you to focus on in this tutorial is target, or targeted.¬† You may notice that each of the ads sells something whether it is a product or service, there is some fashion of sales attached to it. However, your initial engagement with the ad would lead you to think other wise. There is a free offer or a discount attached to it…right? Its a targeted offer value added ad like shown in the photo.

how to get customers using a Facebook Ad
Example of how to get customers using a Facebook Ad

This method of getting customers is a proven approach to actually achieving your goals. One of the things I hear a lot as a freelancer and blogger is that many businesses are struggling to get more customers. Its discouraging to hear but the problem is that the solution is there however, you have to want actually follow how to get customers to buy your product. In this tutorial you will learn the exact methods to get more customers. It will be your choice to follow it.

The 8 Step Tutorial to help you learn how to get customers.

Step #1Define your goals. When you have a business you need to have goals in order to achieve sales. You can have a goal to achieve your 1st sale or many sales, you can set a goal to achieve a certain dollar sales or multiple dollar sales or percentages. Your goals must be your 1st step in business because without they determine how many customers you need.

Step #2Define your product or service. This is important to focus on target. If you try to sell all of your services at once chances are you will overwhelm and shut off your customer. Focus on target product or service. A few examples – For an SEO Agency, offer a specific service such as on page, off page only. A chiropractor, Free Neck Adjustment, A Dentist, Free Teeth Cleaning. A target offer

Step #3Set up your targeted offer on a landing page by using a program like this or this. Offer the product or service using a “squeeze page.” This step is easier than you think and I am going to show you exactly how to setup a landing page in the video.

Step#4Set up your email autoresponder using this program here with a 30 day free trial. What you are going to do is deliver your free offer by sending an automatic email to your customer as soon as they enter their details. (Bonus: Now you have a new lead you can nurture for future sales). We will do this step together in the video and it will only take a moment.

Step#5Build your offer – This step should be used to build your sales page for your offer. You can do this by building your sales page to show the one product or service that you are targeting. Remember with customers it is about getting your foot in the door before you build the trust to getting in a customers pocket. We show a simple example of a quick sales page for your offer in the video, and you can of course customize it how you choose!

Step#6Setup a Targeted Ad on Facebook, and Google Adwords that specifically targets buyer keywords. Now you can only do this on Google AdWords as Facebook Ads are targeted by interests. You can use SemRush to do some good competitive keyword research and create content that matters. AdWords will help you to determine your ad budget with Cost per Click in relation to your keywords. See Photo.

Step #7Deliver on your promise to your customer. Even if they have not purchased yet you should still be trying to convert them through email marketing. After all the money is in the list. Why? You now have a distribution channel and if you play your cards right and target the right customers you will have a list of customers waiting for your next product or service. So, after you have provided your 1st email and delivered the “Free Report” or “Free Cleaning Coupon” you should also continue to educate them and build trust. Customers will buy once you have built that trust within your campaign.

Step #8Follow this tutorial completely and Be consistent. Just because you do not make a sale immediately does not mean you have not succeeded in your campaign. Imagine taking a room of 1000 people and trying to sell them children’s clothes. Maybe some will buy maybe some will not. Now imagine having 1000 people that are looking for girls clothing, a lot will buy if you follow this tutorial, and you target the right audience with a targeted offer.

Why this method to get customers works?

This method to get customers works by combining the psychology of buyer habits with the necessary tools to deliver your product or service to a buyer. You are narrowing down the serious from the not so serious and putting the right product in front of them at the right time, every time. You can have a candy store with no kids in it or you can create a kid in a candy store sales rush. How to get customers is easy when you follow these simple and easy to implement methods, that will not only save you time in hunting to get customers but also in money wasting time.


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