People will pay for big ticket Items if you show them the value

Learn how to Hang up a for sale sign and sell big ticket item

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One of the things most people don’t realize, and it is completely understandable is that most people will pay for a big ticket item if you show them the value. Value in big quality and big ticket are 2 factors that have proven true for years. People find a high quality item and they are loyal. Clothing Giants, have proven this through time and time again. People associate with a brand name and the big ticket price tag is then irrelevant.

Sell Big Ticket Items on Clickfunnels

Businesses should offer a big ticket item in their sales funnel.

Offering a big ticket item to your buyers is the only way to go in my honest review of successful companies. Once the value of a big ticket or high class item is explained to the customer the rest is automatic. Big names like Bose have proven this in their quality of sound, Amazon? Their . Is it necessary? No, is there value? Hell yes, and that is why people try it and then buy it. For those not familiar with you can try a Here and see the benefits or movies on demand, Free 2 day shipping and more!

One of my favorite things about clickfunnels and this book is that Russell explains this information to a T in his Expert Secrets. The thing is he uses a great method to explaining how to do what others are doing and when you think of it, most of the booming businesses in the world are copying the next guy or gal. Is it ethical? Sure it is. The world is based on Free Trade and unless the method is patented I am not sure there is any negative effect.

Run your business like a business and you will be successful.

Learn the keys to big ticket sales.

Today, I had a conversation with a new client that is starting her eCommerce and something she said has always proven true. I would rather sell less of a big ticket item than more of a low ticket item. Like I always say when you get up for the day and put a shirt on like you are running a business and treat your business like a business greater things will come. Running a business like a business takes an investment of your time and your money, as I said in this post, I am a ride or die, type of person. Investing in your business with the right programs, and branding is part of being a business owner.

Businesses in the 1st 2 years are not going to get a business loan and most won’t make it 2 years but being in business and making money online requires you to be a business. You cannot part time your business when you are starting. Even working full time, I managed to start building more contacts and customers in my evenings or during the day when I worked nights. 

Will explaining the value help me sell my big ticket items?

Explain the big ticket value to your customer

In theory, with the methods discussed in here you should do well with big ticket sales.  Because history shows us this is the road map to success in business.

Programs and tools are the cost of doing business and most of the time is easy to determine which tools are effective through trial and error..

I believe that explaining the value in any product or service that you offer is based on the history of it, the need it serves.

Solving customer pain points can be a lucrative business.

We learn that buyer keywords often involve “emergency, immediate, today, same day….etc.”

These are actual buyer keywords so simply finding the urgency to your product or service will help to show the customer value.

Same day service is expense but people buy it because of the value

My clickfunnels support service offers value my costumer.  I offer most clickfunnels services same day or next day service. This allows the customers peace of mind in knowing help or their product is on the way….

It will no be long for Amazon to figure out the next highly profitable niche offering same day service. I have thought somewhere around 200 million would solve this urgent buyer demand and become plausible. I mean Uber does it now. Simply offer the incentive to make additional money to courier products to the buyer 😉

Big Ticket Value leads to incredible sales

Find the immediate need and deliver your big ticket product easily with a clickfunnel. Clickfunnels will give you all of the tools you need to make a big ticket funnel successful. Clickfunnels does an amazing job of helping small people grow big, the stories that are told are not paid endorsers and they talk about a simple idea to tons of sales. These sales didn’t come from out of nowhere and some involve big ticket products and some involve everyday products. This goes back to being prepared for business by treating your business like a business. Simply add your product to your clickfunnel and drive traffic to it. Sounds easy huh? Well it is but it requires CEO decisions to take it from Big Talk to Big Ticket and execute.

In conclusion we know the following is true about selling big ticket items

We know the following is true –

  1. Successful companies have big ticket items
  2. Successful Companies brand their business
  3. Successful companies spend money on advertising
  4. Successful companies make sales

As long as I can remember that has been the recipe for success. The question is will you show your customers the value of your big ticket item? Maybe you are experimenting on Life Coaching or you have a special knowledge or something you excel at. Ask yourself how you will explain the value in that service to your customer? If you made it this far, you have read this post, and I left the free answers within it 😉

This book talks about people paying for advice….The irony is that more and more people are paying for advice without realizing it.


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