How to start a blog and make money|Beginners Guide

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It is logical for a beginners guide to blogging to begin with information on how to start a blog and make money. However, first a brief introduction to what a blog actually is. A blog is nothing more than your online diary or journal, in which you can express your feelings, thoughts, and opinions or even advertise your products. There are few rules apart from keeping it clean. For that reason they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs, and your blog page is literally yours to do anything you want with.

You can include pictures, hyperlinks to your websites, MP3s and videos. Much depends on the type of blog you have and who is the provider, but WordPress allows more than Blogger or Blogspot, especially if you have downloaded it to your own website. However, it is also more complicated and you might prefer to start off easy and then work your way up as you become more familiar with what you are doing. Many cPanel web hosts offer WordPress hosting.

The basic components are:How to start a blog and make money?

Title: You can use the title to label your posting.
Category: You can add a category to keep blogs on similar topics together.
Body: This is the main content of the blog.
Trackback: This allows other sites to link back to your blog.
Permalink: This is the URL that goes with every blog that you write.
Comments: This allows readers to make comments on your blog – some good, and some bad.

Blog Themes

Through one or two blog templates you can easily create new pages. It’s a bit like having a website and copying your home page as a template for all the rest of the pages, only the blog template is blank with spaces for the title, category and all the other aspects of your blog. The blogging websites that you sign up with offer a number of templates and you can choose one and literally start blogging immediately.

How to start a blog and make money through affiliate marketing?

You can easily blog and make money throught affiliate marketing. This is just one way of getting paid to do something you enjoy. As you can read in some of the larger blogs like ShoutMeLoud, MatthewWoodwardUK, Just a Girl and Her Blog and Making Sense of Cents, real money can be made from a blog. Each of these authority bloggers post a blog income report showing their leading source of income is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one way to blog and make money. In fact, there are many affiliate marketing programs out there for bloggers looking to make money with their blog. You can download my affiliate marketing blog resources here.

You will also note that making large amounts of money in looking through blog income reports for these big money making blogs started with a smaller amount of income and grew over time. Hint, Hint (Blog and Make Money takes time) Big Cash Blog does not post an income report as our affiliate marketing and income from our blog is a secondary income. Our income comes from writing customer experiences in clickfunnels that brings about the secret source of how to blog and make money?

How to blog and make money consulting, and offering your services?

I could go on all day about what you can do and, sometimes, cannot do with a blog, but the best way is to get started. If you are reading this post, then you have had some ideas to starting a blog. Blogging doesn’t have to be a full time gig it can be done on a part time basis but either way with the right work and tools you stand to see an income.  Big Cash Blog uses the secret source of how to blog and make money in consulting, and freelance work. As correctly explained in this book, you are authority on what ever it is you do. Think about it, the news you read, some on animals, some on SEO, some on celebrities, these are all people being paid for their advice.

You may not be paying them directly but they are being paid for reviews, via affiliate sales, and consulting such as Matthew Woodward, who is an SEO consultant and award winning blogger. These are my personal blog read lists because they offer value in their consulting. Many also offer an opportunity to advertise on their blog.

Big Cash Blog makes an income from offering sales funnel consulting and sales funnel management for businesses and entrepreneurs with a specific area of clickfunnels.

This is one example of how to blog and make money? I found a specific customer pain point in clickfunnels and over 3 months ran a case study on that specific pain point. This task is a very difficult task and 9/10 people who attempt it are not able to complete it. Originally I started this clickfunnels gig at just a few bucks, I was doing it more for the experience, then it hit me like a tons of bricks. This is one way to monetize, a blog, and the birth of Big Cash Blog slowly took its form of a monetized clickfunnels blog, offering a great service that solves a huge customer pain point in clickfunnels and gaining new business as a result.

Over the 3 months, I started to increase my customers, and began to charge just a bit more each time, finally, I was able to top out at 400% of the original cost, and maintain the same customer base and gain new customers direct from my blog on clickfunnels.

Other Considerations in making money?

  • Get a professional theme one that you can get a high CTR with. Check out these themes at
  • Get Real Hosting, Check Out Blue Host $3.95 Month or Host Gator both of these platforms offer WordPress Hosting
  • Purchase A Hosting Plan so that you can get all the gadgets to help monetize your blog. Plugins are great!
  • Start Building your List with an Autoresponder Early, Do not miss out on the opportunity to start growing immediately. You can read my review of GetResponse, AWeber, and Mailchimp here.
  • Be consistent and persevere. It will take a while to get going, but when you do it will be worth the efforts.
  • Invest in your blog, and your blog SEO, as you can afford to… you should add something like SEMRush that will help you really grow your blog with organic rankings, backlinks, competitor intelligence, and SEO content template.
  • Consider a tool like Sprout Social. These guys do a great job to help you want to grow on Social Media and keep you motivated.
  • DO NOT SPAM, spamming will get you removed from Ad sense and all affiliate programs.

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 Final Thoughts on how to blog and make money?

Blogging is fun, and it can also be very profitable. However, there are specific techniques involved in making money using blogs, and it is very easy to get your fingers burnt if you are unaware of the pitfalls and the right way to do it. Nevertheless, blogging can be very rewarding, both personally and financially, so best of luck, and get blogging now. Don’t leave it a minute longer because you might have a lot to learn yet.



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