Don’t be fooled by Tai Lopez use a sales funnel in clickfunnels

Tai Lopez is wrong about sales funnels in clickfunnels

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In this post you will learn the reasons that Tai Lopez is the wrong solution to making sales in your business, you will also learn the fundamental reasons that you are simply wrong if you are not using a sales funnel in clickfunnels to grow your business while listening to Tai Lopez.

Start with a sales funnel in clickfunnels before listening to Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is right about social media, but not about a sales funnel in clickfunnels

Tai Lopez appears to suggest your business can be built entirely on social media without a sales funnel in clickfunnels. While Tai Lopez doesn’t state you must use a sales funnel in Clickfunnels to grow your business he does talk about the need to grow your business and methods to doing that. We do not think Tai Lopez is too far off base to business growth on social media, but we do have some solid reasons why businesses shouldn’t buy Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez methods are backwards, clickfunnels and sales funnels building businesses

Anyone following social media and businesses right now knows there is a great shortage of social media companies in relation to businesses. The demand for social media managers, is huge.  This is due in large part to businesses wanting to experience growth in social media, but, if you follow the Tai Lopez method, you are setting yourself up for failure. First most people are not spamming their message across YouTube. Having a clickfunnel in your business is the solution and the turn away from the spam on YouTube.

While I do not have any personal hangups on Tai Lopez, I do not feel the spiritual attachment to his messages, and I believe the Tai Lopez message on YouTube is not very inviting. As you will see most Shark Tank investors state they need to have an attachment to the product or service in order to invest in it. In fact, Mark Cuban has nearly became emotional when referring to that attachment and his children and the desire to have his children learn the values of business. Specifically, Mark Cuban invested in a program while asking the entrepreneurs if his daughters could attend.  I have yet to see solid proof of the Tai Lopez claims and moreover, a reason to charge for the Tai Lopez program when the social media blueprint can be found free most places and including here.

Build a sales funnel in clickfunnels free right now

When you realize that your business needs growth you need a program and a channel to drive sales to. While Social Media is the obvious choice, it is not the only choice and investing in a grow on social media program before actually building your backbone with a clickfunnel seems to me to be backwards. Businesses need a method to make sales. You can post 15000 times a day on your Facebook, and follow any influence, and without a clear cut and dry product and a proven sales funnel to make sales you will not make them. I explained this step by step in this post

Is clickfunnels the only way to be right?

Absolutely not, but a sales funnel is the only way to be right. Without a sales funnel you are leaving money on the table everyday. You have visitors to your site who see the same site design, the same content, and while they may be there 10 minutes, you miss out on making a sale. Why? Because you are too focused on watching Tai Lopez on YouTube Ads, in place of building your business to grow with clickfunnels and a proven sales funnel.

Why Tai Lopez is wrong for not using a sales funnel in clickfunnels

Implementing a sales funnel to drive sales for your business should be the first priority for any business, or any serious business. A Sales funnel is designed to produce sales, where social media was designed to do just that. Socialize. The thing is without a defined target in a Facebook ads that work you will spend money and get no result. The same is true with a google adwords ad. We discuss the ways Tai Lopez fails to hit the target in this post

The tools to growing a business do not always have to cost a fortune, and they most certainly do not need to be clickfunnels, but they should have a lead capture at the very least, a product that is visible to the customer, a funnel that bring your customer from awareness to purchase and appropriate targeted ads.

I want to clarify that clickfunnels is the best way to sell online. While you may not have an online product, using clickfunnels with the right ads should net you a charge on that consumers credit card before you meet the customer. Also, aclickfunnel or sales funnel will give you a way to capture their email, and contact information for further engagement of your  product.

Either way you shake it if you are following the YouTube methods to growing your business, you are working backwards, and spending double the money, if you are not using a clickfunnels or a sales funnel, prior to engaging in any serious social media marketing campaign. Remember, the golden rule, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Why not make a bold first impression with a program set of tools and programs to growing a business.

A proven test of Tail Lopez vs Sales Funnels and Clickfunnels

Authors Note:

BigCashBlog is committed to helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business to a successful business through the use of clickfunnels and sales funnel. Without knowing the proper tools to business growth and having a roadmap to success you will spend excessive money while not hitting your mark.

On average we speak to approximately 18 businesses a day looking to grow on Social Media, we know the demand for social media management is there. We believe the foundation to sales from social media is starting with a sales funnel to send your traffic to. Grab a 2 Week Free Trial of Clickfunnels today, and start growing your business. For those not not familiar with sale funnel building take advantage of these Free Sales Funnels and Free Squeeze Page Templates.

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