Builderall Review is it really worth it?

The 13 Reasons To Cancel Builderall before this happens to you…

If you are in the sales funnel business chances are you have heard of the new comparison but non comparison to Clickfunnels, Builderall. Maybe you are a Builderall member and are considering making the big boy or big girl move to Clickfunnels. Well, I can tell you now the best thing for your business is to cancel Builderall and move on to bigger and better things with Clickfunnels at least if you want to make sales and have some credibility in your business. Today, You will learn The 13 Reasons to Cancel Builderall and Join Clickfunnels Right Away.13 Reasons to Cancel Builderall!

13 Convincing Reasons to Cancel Builderall Now (with Video)

  1. Builderall is nothing more than a Wix Site Rebranded, but, more expensive. Builderall pricing. $47.90 or $29.90, while Wix is just $14.00 and more reliable.
  2. Builderall is not stable. There are several if not hundreds of user issues in the Support Forum on Builderall Daily.
  3. Builderall offers features that are not actually available. Script Generator, Mailingboss, Facebook integrations.
  4. Mailingboss is the included email marketing tools with Builderall however the reliability of Mailingboss in this program is very embarassing. Emails not sending, Verified Sending Domains being unverified daily, and No way to send an email to your list now.
  5. Language Issues on the Platform. Most of the text you will see on Builderall will change the language to a different language than your native language.
  6. You could go days without an answer from Builderall Support.
  7. Builderall offers a membership option however, the functionality does not work on checkout to the log in pages.
  8. There are serious stability issues with Builderall’s drag and drop system.
  9. Builderall charges you to make money as an affiliate with their 2nd Tier system something nearly every affiliate company does free because they understand strength and money in numbers.
  10. Builderall sends fake people to your sales funnel. Once you click launch the funnel will become a spam fest for fake users collecting your free giveaways without even being a serious buyer. Also remember Builderall charges after you reach a certain 10,000 subscribers. 
  11. Most of the work is done offshore. While there is no issue with that there is some issue with the language barrier in getting your questions appropriately addressed.
  12. Builderall charges customers for a program that should not even be to market yet, due to so many technical and functional issues.

Cancel Builderall

Conclusion on Builderall? 

There is only one way to make money with Builderall and this is by cancelling it. You can easily join a proven program that has a track record for reliability and on point support here.

I do suspect that someday Builderall may be a contender, but I think their support and tech team need to rethink their whole program and address the issues that continue to arise within Builderall. Until then I believe this program will be a fail.  What are your thoughts on Builderall? Drop them in the comments. If you are looking for a cheap funnel programs you can get this one here for peanuts through this link. I would recommend this product @ $9 because you cannot go wrong then. Remember this Builderall Review.

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