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Well Hell Yea! About Time We meet up.

Whats up, I am JB, or John, a entrepreneur living the American Dream in the midwest with a small family including, Wife, Daughter, 2 Stepsons, and a Crazy Dog. <----

I can tell you that the only thing cooler than me is a -30° Room. You and I are meeting up here today because like you I been there. Slowly begging, borrowing, and stealing to build the business I wanted. 

I did what I had to do.

1st Year $313,000 (September to December 2014)

2nd Year $687,000 (Full 12 months)

3rd Year $1.094,877 (Who counts change)

Anyways, the reason we are looking at each other is that I can teach you a thing or two that will help you grow your business faster than the wall will be built (and without needing a Go Fund Me page). I know that I can do this for you because like you many others have come here, learned and grown their business.

Let me tell you another thing, I learned at an early point in life that you can rely on 1 person. So I learned and mastered everything that I needed to learn and master to be self made. Sure, I had help. $20,000 in that entire time. But the other times the other goal breaking months of $100,000, yep, that was that nerve that I had to master what I set out to do.

I worked in a factory for a long time, In that factory, I rose up quickly, by being that 1 person that anyone could rely on. I did what was right for everyone, not just 1 person, but everyone no matter what the costs. Aside from being selected as a representative to a 860,000 + attendee labor march in Washington DC and being chosen among 5000 others, I also did the right thing in stopping a $170,000,000 brand new line from running for 7 months until they spent another $100,000 and it was safe to run. Point - I am a badass that was born to help you help yourself, so let get some shit done.



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The New Clickfunnels Dashboard is a huge time saver

JB      Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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The New Clickfunnels Dashboard is a huge time saver and penny pincher.

Wow, shout out to clickfunnels for the updated clickfunnels dashboard that shows off a new look, and offers great user friendly features. How So? In this post I will walk you through the new clickfunnels dashboard and show you the newest shiny features offered by clickfunnels. I will also be updating my clickfunnels custom domain setup post found here since clickfunnels has helped make that process much easier!

I have been using clickfunnels for quite awhile now and one of the things I never liked about the dashboard before was the basic plain look. There was nothing to really grab your attention where the new look incorporates a totally revamped style. You may have noticed this new dashboard appearing a few weeks ago and at first when I logged in I thought wow, this is premium quality stuff. I definitely enjoyed the new look and clickfunnels commitment to invest in upgrading their systems. Along with the new look comes some features that save you money that you may not have realized. I wanted to create this post to explain one of the very important upgrades that will help you save money.

Clickfunnels custom domain setup was not always the easiest feature to connect. Many people came to me with problems with their clickfunnels landing page not resolving. I found that these customers were attempting to set it up and not completing all of the many steps or were not comfortable with attempting it. Just setting up custom domains on clickfunnels I was able to make over $1000 in 2017. This is a daunting task for some so I created this clickfunnels custom domain setup tutuorial. I wanted to give my customers and clickfunnels users a 2nd look and video on how to set it up. Obviously this reduced my income, but, it also offered valuable content to help my readers accomplish something. Anyways, clickfunnels now makes it easier to set up a custom domain for clickfunnels with their new dashboard. I cannot imagine how much money was spent on setting them up before, but I know that I managed to pull in $1000 on this simple yet tedious clickfunnels issue. This task is now simple and easy and saves clickfunnels users time and money.

Another way that I have seen this new dashboard save clickfunnels customers money is by adding more funnels to the free marketplace. These new landing page templates will help you set up a eye appealing and engaging funnel in no time. You can save money on page design and rock and roll with a done for you sales funnel.

What else is new?

The new clickfunnels dashboard also has a spot to save your favorite funnels example in the photo:


Also you have a place to chart your funnels for real time analytics in tracking page view, opt in rate and many more important metrics.

You will Save Money with Clickfunnels New Dashboard


Do not forget to start playing the clickfunnels game in the new dashboard for a chance to win prizes.

You can Save Money with Clickfunnels New Dashboard


Wrapping Up.

Clickfunnels new dashboard will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to save money on commonly outsourced clickfunnels tasks. You will also be able to navigate clickfunnels easier and see important metrics on the new dashboard. Way to Go Clickfunnels!