The Top 7 Reasons your Business Can Afford Clickfunnels Pricing Now

Clickfunnels Pricing is a small part of a businesses growth.

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If you have been following the last few posts  you know I have been focusing on explaining clickfunnels, autoresponders and wordpress hosting. You may be starting to see the value or are becoming more curious about clickfunnels, and autoresponders. Perhaps, you are curious about clickfunnels pricing or wondering is clickfunnels worth itIf so you are in luck because this post will help you understand the value of clickfunnels pricing, benefits to your business and how it will actually save your business money.

Clickfunnels offers pricing at $97 and $297 a month, and for some businesses that may seem high. In this post you will learn The Top 7 Reasons your Business Can Afford Clickfunnels Pricing Now.

Make sure to follow along and take some notes or opt in at the end of the post as I will be completely covering clickfunnels pricing. I will also explain the ways to make sure you are getting the most benefit from your clickfunnels account. These tips will also help you save time and money on clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Pricing is it worth the money?

Any program is at least worth what a new customer is worth to your business. It may not seem like it when you are paying for it but growing a business is no different then everything else in life. Nothing is free. Also, most business owners would agree If a program helps your business to bring in a new customer and cost $1000, the value is there. You will start to increase your profit as you become acquainted with the marketing strategy that works for you.

Clickfunnels Pricing How it saves your business money?

Clickfunnels offers 2 monthly subscription fees.

$97/Month/30 Days = $3.23 day/ $24.25 Week.

$297/Month/30 = $9.90/day/ $74.25 Week.

For the cost of a tank of gas in your car you provide a vehicle to make sales, gather leads, and market to your customers all in one location.

If you are using Clickfunnels you can eliminate paying for –  

Now that I have shown you clickfunnels pricing options, and some of the programs it eliminates, I will explain the reasons your business can afford clickfunnels.

7 Reasons your business can afford clickfunnels –

1, Your business is all in at $97 a month. Most entrepreneurs carry in excess of that monthly from working another job to cover their overhead. For $24.25 (which is a very small investment for any serious business) weekly you are –

a. Marketing to your customers. – 20 Funnels that is 20 websites setup in minutes to market your product or service.

b. Capturing Leads for current and future sales of products and services.

c. Putting the right content in front of the right person every time. Funnels are designed to draw attention to relevant content to a product offer. This way the owner of the funnel has the complete attention of the reader on the landing page.

d. Making a Sale that you directed the customer specifically too. There is no confusion website shops or OMG another Shopify Site. This is a targeted offer. When you have received their opt in they are interested in the next page you send them too.

e. Taking their payment right there right now, no going to another site or sending them an invoice or paypal or anything like that. It is right there, ready to accept money.

f. Offering them an upsell after their purchase from an automatic redirect to send them to a new offer such as an upgraded version, seasonal discount, or similar offer relevant to your business of course.

2. Your business needs to market to customers and $3.23 a day is incredibly affordable marketing. I have been on the paying side of marketing and paying for ads and it can be costly at times. When you have an all in one marketing program such as clickfunnels you are expanding on your growth potential.

3. If you focus on the bigger picture clickfunnels pricing is a small part of it. The bigger picture is that a lot of businesses do not understand the amount of money they leave on the table on their website or the landing page or what ever they are using. The fact is that you have a huge potential to make a sale down the road by implementing a high converting squeeze page into your marketing strategy. I have only seen a few WordPress landing pages that I have liked while I have seen several hundred clickfunnels templates or landing pages that I like.

4. In addition to leaving money on the table you are likely not using split testing which comes standard with clickfunnels. Check out this simple explanation article on Split Testing by Optimizely. They also offer a 15 minute video explanation. Split testing in essence is conducted to improve a metric. This metric will help you increasing conversions, clicks, opt ins. As the name implies it splits landing page views, offers, etc,

5. Unless you are a marketing genius or have a marketing degree chances are you are just spitballing your marketing efforts. That is OK since most businesses are either not aware they need marketing or don’t know what they are doing when it comes to marketing. But Imagine this what if you could have all of your thoughts and ideas about how to sell products online, and then had a marketing program that walked you through step by step making those marketing ideas a reality. That is what clickfunnels does. Step by Step Marketing with a Goal of Selling Products. There is no need for a marketing degree or to be a marketing genius. The exact marketing strategy for sales comes standard with clickfunnels pricing.

6. Your business can afford clickfunnels because it simply saves you time. You can set up a landing page in about 2 minutes and have a funnel built in a matter of a few hours. Imagine using WordPress to do everything you wanted it to do when you could easily use clickfunnels. You would have probably 20 -30 plugins on your WordPress site just for the same functionality that Clickfunnels provides, and you can customize clickfunnels in a fraction of the time. Most of the prices I have heard or read for WordPress customization are in the $1000 and up range. So assume you paid that fee one time, and then you decided you needed something changed, how much more would it cost? Would the changes and cost of the customization that would cost at least a years worth of clickfunnels pricing?

#7 Not paying Clickfunnels Pricing is costing your business more money than just the fees you are worried about paying. You are spending hours, weeks, months, trying to make sales through methods that are not working, but you are continuing to use them. You want to make sales but are concerned about the $97 a month fee? You should be more concerned that you are spending money on proven ineffective methods, without properly giving a proven method a try. If you doubt yourself feel free to grab this free book and read further on how clickfunnels pricing even at $297 a month is far better than most traditional marketing methods.

How to get the most value out of your clickfunnels account?

I just published this post on how to optimize your clickfunnels for conversions, traffic, etc. I will discuss how to get the most value from clickfunnels now. I have been building sales funnels for quite awhile in clickfunnels and I know I usually end up with repeat customers. Most customers will take my advice and build all of the funnels their account can hold. Doing this makes sure that you are maximizing your offers to your customers and getting more exposure to your landing pages.

Here are a few simple tips to maximize your clickfunnels account and getting the most value from clickfunnels

1. Map out your funnels before you build them. You do not want to waste time trying to design and write copy at the same time.

2. Think of 4 colors before you start. Background, Content Background, Bold Text, Plain Text; This will save you a lot of time

3. Complete all of your integrations right away. Custom Domain Setup, Autoresponder, Payment Gateway. This will save you time.

4. Add all of your products to your order forms. This is the only place the clickfunnels order form will show up in your tools. This will save a lot of time. I get inquiries all of the time on how to add my product to clickfunnels?

5. Write all of your autoresponder emails before you get your subscription to clickfunnels to avoid paying clickfunnels pricing right away.


Whether you are paying $97 or $297 clickfunnels pricing is not the issue. Paying that fee will actually help save your business money, and make sales, and for God Sake’s connect with visitors that you are not even aware are visiting your site. If there were a single investment that would help your business do many of the things you are not but should be it is clickfunnels.

You can grab a Free Trial to Clickfunnels by clicking this link. Let me know you did here and I will send you some tips to help you get started!


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