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Well Hell Yea! About Time We meet up.

Whats up, I am JB, or John, a entrepreneur living the American Dream in the midwest with a small family including, Wife, Daughter, 2 Stepsons, and a Crazy Dog. <----

I can tell you that the only thing cooler than me is a -30° Room. You and I are meeting up here today because like you I been there. Slowly begging, borrowing, and stealing to build the business I wanted. 

I did what I had to do.

1st Year $313,000 (September to December 2014)

2nd Year $687,000 (Full 12 months)

3rd Year $1.094,877 (Who counts change)

Anyways, the reason we are looking at each other is that I can teach you a thing or two that will help you grow your business faster than the wall will be built (and without needing a Go Fund Me page). I know that I can do this for you because like you many others have come here, learned and grown their business.

Let me tell you another thing, I learned at an early point in life that you can rely on 1 person. So I learned and mastered everything that I needed to learn and master to be self made. Sure, I had help. $20,000 in that entire time. But the other times the other goal breaking months of $100,000, yep, that was that nerve that I had to master what I set out to do.

I worked in a factory for a long time, In that factory, I rose up quickly, by being that 1 person that anyone could rely on. I did what was right for everyone, not just 1 person, but everyone no matter what the costs. Aside from being selected as a representative to a 860,000 + attendee labor march in Washington DC and being chosen among 5000 others, I also did the right thing in stopping a $170,000,000 brand new line from running for 7 months until they spent another $100,000 and it was safe to run. Point - I am a badass that was born to help you help yourself, so let get some shit done.



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What is clickfunnels used for?

JB      Friday, October 27, 2017

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What is clickfunnels used for? An Answer you Can Live With

What is clickfunnels used for? You are probably asking yourself or someone else. Maybe you have seen the ads on Facebook, or on YouTube. Maybe you have a colleague that uses clickfunnels. Either way, you are here because you want to know what clickfunnels is used for, and I intend to give you the answer. An answer you can live with.

What is clickfunnels used for in business?

For a business clickfunnels is used for marketing, analytics, split testing, lead generation, product sales, and business expansion. For an entrepreneur in addition to the above things, it allows him or her or a business to run their entire sales process from one dashboard.  Clickfunnels is used for a lot of things but mostly, you can credit clickfunnels with helping entrepreneurs and businesses bring their products and services to the marketplace, easily, and affordably.

There are more businesses driving sales now than there were before clickfunnels. Clickfunnels helps small businesses who normally wouldn’t have the budget to design a nice site, or email marketing to market and sell easily. The times have changed for many small business owners and that is one of the best things that clickfunnels is used for. Simplifying how to get customers, and how to sell products for small business owners.

I know some people take issue with the pricing and say that it is too much but I have paid $150 a month for one program and needed another at $20 per user x 11 users a month, so it is nothing in comparison in pricing.

Simply stated, you either want to be in business or you do not? I usually suggest entrepreneurs plan for $1000 per funnel to launch. This will allow for the funnel setup, and adspend which is the answer to what clickfunnels is used for. It is not used as an overnight get rich quick or a set and forget. You need to work the program just like any other program. You have got to be willing to make the hard decision. I know that making money with clickfunnels is possiblebecause I have done it, but like blogging, like making money online, and like running any business it takes work and an investment.

12 Ways your business would benefit from using clickfunnels –

  1. Lead Generation – 70% of the websites I am asked to review have no call to action. This is wasted revenue.
  2. Driving customers to a converting offer. Sending a customer to a take action offer is much better than sending a customer to a store with a bunch of products.
  3. Managing Contacts and autoresponders.
  4. Simplified order processing.
  5. Scheduling consultations and appointments for you.
  6. Creating a sales platform for others to sell your products as an affiliate.
  7. Sales tracking
  8. Traffic Analytics
  9. Split Testing Multiple Offers and Pages
  10. Webinars
  11. Membership site, and
  12. Many Many More Benefits…

Wrapping Up

To acheive all of the benefits of clickfunnels the investment is around $297/Mo without adspend but if you doubt your business can afford that you should read this post. Once you find a good use for clickfunnels in your business and get it set up I guarantee you that you will be able to monetize and afford the monthly membership. You will of course need to budget adspend to make this happen but that should be part of any business.

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