Why Clickfunnels IS NOT The Greatest Country in The World Anymore

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Clickfunnels is not the greatest country in the world and it is not the best marketing program either. Contrary to previous information that was released saying clickfunnels is the greatest program, we researched it, and found the truth about clickfunnels. In this post we will explain how we came to that conclusion and what you must do to make it right.

Clickfunnels is triple the cost half the value, and requires too many programs to make it work.

Bluntly, Clickfunnels sucks. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn to put the program together. What clickfunnels fails to tell you is that most people will require a developer to use it. PLUS, you cannot eliminate all the programs your business uses to market like they claims. You actually need more systems and integrations for everything to function correctly and like you want it to.

Clickfunnels also requires you to use sections and rows that take a lot of time customizing, If you get it wrong you have to do it all over again. THAT IS INSANITY! Who has time to screw around with rows and sections, real drag and drop builders don’t require all that madness. THEY DO EXIST.

So Why did Clickfunnels lead its customers into believing they were the greatest program?

MONEY! That is right clickfunnels did it purely for the money. Clickfunnels does not care about whether or not you are successful. They care about the money and that is it. I bet Russell Brunson would have told you anything to get you to believe you were going to actually be able to drag and drop and be marketing your business in minutes.

Why? $297/Mo in Fees that is why. The fact is he wants your money and will tell you anything to get you to BUY CLICKFUNNELS. We agree. It isn’t right. There is a better way, a cheaper way, and a hell of a lot more honest way. For those of you who are lucky and have not paid for clickfunnels. You lucky ones need to check out this clickfunnels alternative, and why it proves clickfunnels is not the greatest program for your marketing. In fact, its not even half assed marketing. Its overpriced marketing that will kill your pocket book before you make a single sale. SO DO NOT DO IT! Its bad for your business and your name.

The better alternative to clickfunnels and leadpages right now is:

This one right here. That is correct, tried, tested, critiqued and ran over with a semi. We verify this is the legit + You save over half your clickfunnels membership fee.


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