Why list building should be your first focus? You will be shocked!

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You have probably heard the term “list building” or “email marketing” before and may you wondered about it but never looked deeper into the power of it. Maybe you know about list building and email marketing and use it. Either way by the time you are finished with this post you will learn why list building should be your first focus?

List Building is easy but powerful marketing that is often overlooked.

Business are focused on websites and social media but they are not focused on the importance of the email marketing channel. Trying to sell a product or service through a website or social media channel can be fruitless and why list building should be your first focus.

Social media is filled with ads and businesses that are consistently flooding Facebook with offers. While there may or may not be a problem with that each ad or post should be focused on building a relationship with that consumer. When you build the relationship the consumer begins to trust in your brand a little more. Using list building is one way to help customers trust in your brand. Maybe there is a customer on your site that is interested in your product or service but is not sure about it. You can easily implement email marketing for a customer explanation email campaign for something that requires a great deal of explanation. Offering a learn more opt in on your Facebook page with one of these email marketing companies is one way of starting your list building.

List Building aligns customers with your product or service.

Having the ability to connect with your customer through list building on multiple occasions is an important part of marketing. Lets look at a few ways this will help align your product or service with an example:

You have a website that offers hand bags for example. You have around 300 daily visits to your site but no sales. What is keeping that customer from buying? Is it because you are missing the important information that you could later present in email marketing? Is it because there is no offer or reason for them to take any action on your website? Giving your customer a reason to take action on your website should be part of your marketing focus. How many major retailers do you see with a Take 10% off for your email offer?

Another way this helps to align your customer is the ability to target based on your customers behavior through segments. Segments take customer behavior and take your next action for you. So if you have a customer who is engaged and clicking links in your email or opening the message these customers will be treated differently than ones not opening the email. We will get more into segments in a moment.

List Building will sell your products and services for you.

When you have a list full of contacts you have a way to market your products and services. My 1st online sale came from a program that I sold to an email list subscriber. I had never sold anything through my website, but I captured their name several years ago and was able to sell a product through an email when I could not through my website.

If you have a list then you have a way to sell your products and services when your customer doesn’t return to your website. Maybe that customer (if you use list building) found your site by searching Google for whatever your product or service was and they arrived to your site glanced around and left. What is your plan to offer your product or service to that customer if you did not make list building a priority? Now consider this list building advice. Add an opt in for your visitor that asks them to sign up for future updates and discounts. Why wouldn’t they? They found your site based on the keyword they wanted to find you for, maybe they just didn’t want to buy that time, but when you use list building you re offer that customer the same product and make the sale.

Another Bonus of making list building your top priority.

List building is full of many perks a business owner should be jumping for joy for. But one of the most important things about list building is the ability to drill down targeting for that subscriber through segments. Segments through list building will help you to market to your specific target every time. Segments are based on subscriber behavior. When a subscriber does not open an email the segment re-sends it later, when they do and a purchase is made, a new segment offering an upgrade, or another product or service based on that subscriber behavior.

Any business that uses PayPal, stripe etc to collect payments in their online store or their online business should be using a list building strategy. When a customer purchases your product or service they can automatically be added to your list. Can you see the benefit in being able to see who is engaging and who isn’t? If you are setting up an email marketing campaign, using email marketing segments will help you to put the right content in front of the right subscriber at the right time.

List building is a powerful tool yet often misunderstood.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools a business can have. Email marketing has often been misunderstood and sometimes misused. One must use caution, and common sense is their list building campaign. Spam Sucks and we won’t do it. You should not either. Spam can open you up to liability. Take the opportunity to sign up for a free trial and start list building. For some good list building strategies, you may download this Free list building strategies eBook as well.


Why list building should be your first focus? You will be shocked!
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Why list building should be your first focus? You will be shocked!
Learn how list building can boost your business easily and quickly by re-engaging visitors to your site, store, or landing page.

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